Three-Screen Six-Axis Flight

Six-axis racing – the latest single-player model – is an immersive simulation racing competitive game device. The product adopts simulation control technology and is equipped with a six-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform to simulate difficult and thrilling actions such as pushing back, drifting, and bumping in a racing car, and is truly closely integrated with the game content; at the same time, it is equipped with simulated blowing physical effects to support multiple Functions such as online human competition provide users with a super-realistic driving experience in terms of dynamics, driving control, and simulation special effects.

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Game type

Racing Game


Power Requirements


Game amount





Peripheral brand

high simulation imported flight kit
static size


occupated floor Area


Application range:

Amusement park、Family entertainment center、game centerVR theme park

Revolutionizing Racing and Flight Training: The Unmatched Experience of the 3 Screen Racing Simulator


The 3 Screen Racing Simulator, a cutting-edge racing simulation technology, revolutionizes the racing experience with its comprehensive setup that includes a simulation cockpit, a visual system featuring three screens for an immersive panoramic view, and a sophisticated motion system.

This 3 Screen Racing Simulator is designed to simulate the intricate motion and posture of racing vehicles under various conditions through its advanced 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) dynamic platform, making it a pinnacle of racing simulation equipment known for its high reliability, safety, economy, and an unparalleled real sense of control.


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With its three screens, the 3 Screen Racing Simulator offers a wide, uninterrupted field of view, allowing users to experience the thrill of racing with a depth of realism previously unattainable in home setups.

This immersive visual system is what sets the 3 Screen Racing Simulator apart, providing a seamless panoramic view that fully engulfs the driver in the racing world.

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The 3 Screen Racing Simulator’s motion system further enhances the experience by accurately replicating the sensations of acceleration, braking, and cornering forces. This system ensures that every nuance of the vehicle’s movement is felt, offering an authentic racing experience that closely mimics real-life conditions.

Best Price 3 Screen Racing Simulator For Sale Made In China

Moreover, the 3 Screen Racing Simulator is not just about the thrill; it’s also a tool for education and training. Its high fidelity and realistic controls make it an ideal platform for aviation science education, general aviation pilot training, and ground flight training in professional colleges.

The 3 Screen Racing Simulator’s ability to simulate various flight conditions with precision makes it a valuable resource in these educational settings.

Best Price 3 Screen Racing Simulator For Sale Made In China

The 3 Screen Racing Simulator also emphasizes safety and economy. By providing a risk-free environment to experience high-speed racing, it eliminates the dangers associated with real-life racing, making it a safe alternative for training and entertainment.

Additionally, its cost-effectiveness ensures that institutions and enthusiasts can access top-tier racing simulation without the prohibitive expense of real-world racing or flight training.

Best Price 3 Screen Racing Simulator For Sale Made In China

In summary, the 3 Screen Racing Simulator is a comprehensive racing and flight simulation solution that stands out for its immersive three-screen visual system, precise 6-DOF motion simulation, high reliability, and safety.

It offers an unmatched real sense of control and can be widely utilized in both recreational and educational settings, making it a must-have for racing simulator enthusiasts and professional training institutions alike.


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