MG330 Fully Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Advantage for the Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine


  • Fully Automatic sell and making. No need the staff to assist.Decrease the labor cost.
  • With the big size touch screen which support to the client to do the self purchase and support to the the advertise.
  • With GPS positioning function, multiple machines are placed for easy management; With Phone APP function
  • Closed cotton candy produce space which ensure the clean and safe.
  • The four-axis manipulator is fully produced, and the high-speed operation is completed in 120 seconds.
  • New burner: with humidifier, moisture-proof, increase equipment life; with burner caramel cleaning mode, automatically remove carbon deposits.
  • Double door setup with the automatic candy out door.
  • Low material waste, 40G suger for 1 complete cotton candy
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Cotton Candy Vending Machine Video


Size 1380*726*2058
Voltage AC220V 50HZ
Power 2500
Weight 320
Use time for 1 sugar 90-110s
Single sugar consumption ~40g
Water consumption 25 candies/L
Sugar consumption 25-30 candies/KG
Use environment Indoor, 5-40 degrees Celsius
Patterns 30 types
Language 21
Add tail wire collection device
With LED lighting topper
Application range amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How to purchase?


  • Select the pattern which you like at the screen
  • Insert the Paper money or coin to start the making
  • Wait for making stop and the candy out door open
  • Take out the cotton candy
  • The take out door closed, Finish

Where is the Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine Suitable For?

For this Automatic cotton Candy Machine, the most suitable usage is for event, store outside, street station and rent.

  • Such as for Event, you can take the cotton candy as the free prize which lower your activity prize cost.

  • For the store outside, it will be attractive many child and couple come.It is not only a cotton vending machine but also the mini cotton candy manufacture machine. Except to provide the cotton candy, the manufacture process are also help to attractive more and more clients which increase more potential buyers.when they are wait for the cotton candy, they may come into the store to purchase some items

  • For the Street Station, all of the girls and boys will outside for shopping. So it is a good machine which support them to purchase the candy

  • For the Rent, easy moving steel and lower material cost is very suitable for it.

How about the Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine Revenue?

  • As the low material lost machine, the automatic cotton candy vending machine good revenue. Such as the large city in China of Shenzhen or Shanghai, one unit cotton candy price is RMB30, it is near USD4 to USD5 per unit. So if it is sell around 100 units per day, the revenue for 1 month(30 days) is from USD12000 to USD15000. So at the first month, you will get back the investment and from the second month, you will get the profit. (as sheet)Because of such good revenue feedback, now more and more this cotton candy machine used at the shopping mall, theme park, game center, water park and all kinds of the entertainment and leisure place.

Cotton candy unit price Sold out Quantity Working time per month Total revenue
USD4 – USD5 100 units 30 days USD12000 – USD15000


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