Ring Screen Cinema

Ring Screen Cinema Features​

The super-long-span wide picture and field of view, and the omni-directional stereo complement the film plot, providing viewers with a wonderful and immersive audio-visual enjoyment.

Magnificent scene: It can provide 0-360 degree seamless full-view development.No matter what viewing angle the audience chooses, they can clearly watch the complete image of the corresponding viewing angle.

Extremely immersive: The audience is surrounded by 360-degree images and multi-channel stereo sound, enabling more realistic lighting, sound, and image effects.

Full of dynamism: The ring screen also has unique advantages to highlight the dynamic effect.

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Ring Screen Cinema Classification

According to the screen curvature, it can be divided into ring screen, arc screen, 360° ring screen, etc.

The usual definition standard is: the arc less than 180 degrees is called the arc curtain, the arc greater than 180 degrees is called the ring curtain, and the arc is 360 degrees fully enclosed as the 360 degree ring curtain.

The IP adventure story+ 160° immersive theater, creating a one-stop customized expert for special effects theaters, is deeply loved by parents and children, and has high theater operation value.

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park

2022 Most Popular Ring Screen Cinema Made In China-YUTO

Ring Screen Cinema Project Introduction

Adopting the same ring screen technology of Universal Studios and Disney, and integrating the self-developed naked-eye 3D technology.Combined with the patented six-axis dynamic platform, it simulates actions such as accelerated diving and shaking, providing real and exciting on-site experience such as weightlessness, sharp turns and flight. The sensory experience is more realistic, like being there!

2022 Most Popular Ring Screen Cinema Made In China-YUTO

Ring Screen Cinema Movie Scene

The films are rich in themes and styles, and each film can bring players a different experience. Either exciting, beautiful, or amazing, come and join us!

2022 Most Popular Ring Screen Cinema Made In China-YUTO

Ring Screen Cinema Viewing Effect

The perfect combination of electric seats and environmental props brings an unprecedented immersive experience to the audience.

Ring Screen Cinema Project Highlights

High Security

The cinema uses a six-axis dynamic platform combined with film technology to simulate a super flight experience on the ground without lift-off. If individual players feel uncomfortable, they can simply close their eyes to eliminate it, which is a new breakthrough technology for high-altitude projects.

Internet Celebrity Effect

The flying theater project is a relatively new experience project in the current market, and it is one of the must-check projects for tourists. After tourists experience it, it is easy to achieve the publicity effect of human-to-human transmission, which is a highlight of the scenic spot.

Support Customization

As the world’s top-level cultural tourism technology, cutting-edge technology and super experience, it is a diamond-level large-scale project in the scenic spot. At the same time, a large number of people experience it, which greatly enhances the value of the scenic spot.

Internal Indication

Small ring screen theaters are available for selection, with the highest cost performance. The dynamic seat triggers swing, vibration and other special effects according to the theater plot to make the theater viewing experience more immersive.

6 seats/8 seats I8 seats/32 seats/64 seats can be customized according to demand

2022 Most Popular Ring Screen Cinema Made In China-YUTO


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