6 Seater VR Cinema

The 6 Seater VR Cinema marks a revolutionary advance in immersive entertainment, setting a new industry standard with its unparalleled VR Cinema experience. Designed to host six participants at once, it’s perfect for families, friends, and entertainment venues seeking to offer a distinctive VR Cinema adventure.

The core of this experience lies in its ability to deliver high-definition, synchronized virtual reality content across all six seats, ensuring that every user enjoys the full breadth of the VR Cinema spectacle together.

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Best VR Cinema Manufacturer From China


VR Cinema, as the forefront of immersive entertainment, is redefined by our flagship product, the 6 Seater VR Cinema.As the leading VR Cinema manufacturer from China, we take immense pride in this state-of-the-art solution designed to transport up to six participants into extraordinary virtual realms.


This makes it the perfect choice for VR Cinema enthusiasts in search of a communal adventure. Our VR Cinema technology merges cutting-edge visuals with interactive elements to ensure that each moment within the VR Cinema is as engaging as it is flawless.


Best VR Cinema Manufacturer From China


The unique selling point of the 6 Seater VR Cinema lies in its unparalleled capability to offer a synchronized VR Cinema experience to multiple users simultaneously, fostering a sense of community and shared excitement that is distinct within the VR Cinema landscape.


With an emphasis on comfort, immersion, and the delivery of high-quality VR Cinema content, this product stands as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what VR Cinema can achieve.


Ideal for family entertainment, social gatherings, or to enhance the appeal of entertainment venues, our VR Cinema is crafted to surpass expectations and create unforgettable VR Cinema experiences.


As we persist in our innovation and leadership within the VR Cinema industry, the 6 Seater VR Cinema not only represents a product but signifies a new era in collective virtual reality entertainment, showcasing the pinnacle of VR Cinema technology and design.

Best VR Cinema Manufacturer From China




The Island Speeder, an innovative addition to the original 5G+VR mobile platform experience, enhances your journey with a compact yet immersive VR encounter, transporting you through diverse plots.This advancement supports the independent research and development of a multiplayer sports platform, ensuring screen synchronization in real time.


With a multi-dimensional intelligent dynamic platform, the experience becomes more thrilling and realistic. VR Cinema technology is at the heart of this evolution, allowing for the selection of multi-dimensional games tailored to various groups.

 Top VR Cinema Manufacturer From China


VR Cinema’s integration facilitates a multi-person immersive sharing experience, making every VR Cinema adventure uniquely captivating.By incorporating VR Cinema into this platform, users are guaranteed an unparalleled VR Cinema experience, redefining the standards of VR Cinema entertainment.


The VR Cinema’s emphasis on quality and innovation is evident, as it leverages VR Cinema to offer a spectrum of games and experiences.Through VR Cinema, the platform achieves a new level of engagement and excitement, ensuring that VR Cinema remains a pivotal component of this cutting-edge entertainment solution.




Game type



No. of Players


Pico G2 4K Plus/Oculus quest2


Load capacity


Game amount

35 +
Power Requirements


occupated floor Area


occupated floor Area

Amusement park、Family entertainment center、game centerVR theme park



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