Dome Flying Cinema

Dome Flying Cinema Project Analysis

The 360° dome theater uses the latest holographic projection technology to create a magical 3D space, an interactive, magical and interesting visual feast.

The 360° viewing angle surrounds the canopy, combined with sound, light and shadow effects, making it immersive and within reach. With its unique visual impact and surround sound effect, the dome theater allows the experience to have a strong sense of reality and have close contact with various animals and plants.

  • Content: Provide customers with professional self-developed panoramic virtual reality round screen dome film
  • Creativity: Break through the limitations of traditional round-screen dome theaters and create a new industry standard.
  • Support: Provide on-site and online marketing programs
  • Project management: can strictly control the overall quality of the project and the construction cycle to provide a full range of site selection, technology and application support.
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Dome Flying Cinema Immersion

Ultra-high-definition picture, super-large dome-shaped picture, naked-eye 3D experience, super-large coverage of visual field, 180-degree experience covers more than 90% of the visual perception range of the human eye, and the picture exceeds the visual range of the audience;

Dome Flying Cinema Realism

The playback effect is realistic, and the suspended dynamic seat enables the audience to face the center of the screen without obstruction, and the audience is surrounded by it as if they are immersed in the movie;

Dome Flying Cinema Customization

The experience scenarios can be customized according to the flexibility of the project requirements. The size of the project site as well as the film can be customized.

  1. Rapid deployment has a short period from design to implementation, suitable for all kinds of short-term to long-term projects
  2. Safety and stability The material structure is safe and reliable, not affected by weather changes
  3. Diversified content customization Experience content is professionally customized according to the theme, fits the theme, and the content can be changed regularly
  4. The experience effect is excellent, with a high sense of immersion, experience, and the future, and devote yourself to the theme world.
  5. Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

The core technology of “Peak Miracle Dome Space”

Wrapped spherical giant screen: covering more than 95% of the visual perception range of the human eye, with a strong sense of immersion.

Glasses-free 3D: Glasses are not required for naked-eye 3D, which increases the realism of the scene.

Cantilever swing system: adjust the posture instantly and make various real body sensations according to the plot of the film.

100% Safe: Simulate a stimulating experience with an exit mechanism on the ground throughout the process.

Self-developed films: We have a professional film and television production team and plan to update 1-2 films every year.

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Dome Flying Cinema video Content

Shocking Robbery

In 5888 AD, the high-tech, culture, and trend tops of the entire galaxy converged on the earth. There is a treasure house of invaluable wisdom. The treasure house of wisdom contains the wisdom of all human beings, including the Great Wall and the Mona Lisa smile, the nuke formula, etc. are the crystallization of human knowledge.

Every day, hundreds of millions of alien messengers come to visit and study the treasure house of wisdom of the earth, and suddenly the thief who is wanted all over the galaxy attacked, and the thief stole the treasure house of wisdom of the earth. recover.

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

Dynamic Seat of 5D/9D cinema-Version 2.0 Simulation Microfiber Leather Intelligent Special Effects Seat

High-grade high-quality microfiber leather seats

A new special effect seat unique to the market (to create market uniqueness, it can be unique, and ogo can be customized)

The first patented special effect armrest

Obtained a utility model patent, the armrest has special effects of lightning, blowing, jetting, and water spraying to solve the problem of delay in environmental special effects; extended special effects: back stab, vibration, leg sweep> high-grade high-quality microfiber leather seat

No special odor, no peeling, high-density elastic cotton> high safety and energy saving

Equipped with a two-point infrared sensor seat belt, the dynamic operation will be activated only when it is fastened > High comfort

Ergonomic design, improved comfort, wrapping, high-end furniture quality > Cortex that meets fire protection requirements

Shaped cotton – with the national standard B1 fire certificate, to meet the fire acceptance requirements

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

Dynamic Seat of 5D/9D cinema-Analysis of Simulation Microfiber Leather Seat Version 2.0

This seat is a platform with special effects including back, vibration, and leg sweep; the platform has actions such as left and right, up and down, back and forth swinging and bumping; the seat itself has special effects. Environmental special effects, such as wind, rain, lightning, jet placed in the seat armrest, bubbles, smell, snow and other special effects placed on the wall or ground

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

Dynamic Seat – Featured Effects

Seat special effects: air blowing, jetting, water spraying, lightning expansion special effects: back poke, vibration, sweeping legs, swinging back and forth, left and right

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

Design Scheme

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale 2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale 2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale 2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale 2022 Best Dome Flying Cinema Made In China|Most Popular 360 Dome Theater For Sale

Dome Flying Cinema Introduction

The dynamic dome cinema hall adopts 70mm projection equipment. The diameter of the hemispherical screen reaches 18 meters. When the audience watches the movie, the whole screen is covered with spheres, and the edge of the screen is ignored. The transmissive metal screen and the six-channel stereo effect make the audience enjoy the ever-changing, lifelike atmosphere.

The dynamic platform in the cinema is a high-tech system engineering integrating hydraulics, electrical automation control and computer animation. When you sit on the platform carrier, the whole carrier can be lifted up and down, tilted left and right, and pitched back and forth. You can simulate a spacecraft to travel to space, or simulate a submersible to enjoy the peculiar scene of the underwater world.

With the realistic pictures and the activities of the platform carrier, people can involuntarily enter the characters, resulting in a very real and thrilling special feeling.

A dome movie is a movie with a dome-shaped projection screen, also known as a “dome movie”. Its dome-shaped screen is developed to the limit of the wide screen, and then develops to the sky, it covers the audience like a big iron pan.

This kind of dome-shaped screen was first half-dome-shaped. In 1939, at a World Exposition held in New York, someone used five projectors to project a huge composite picture on a hemispherical screen. At that time, seeing this People who watched the movie were amazed. During World War II, some countries once projected the image of enemy planes on this dome-shaped screen for air defense training. It was only developed into a full dome in the 1970s.

Dome movies are mostly shot and projected on a single camera. A 65mm or 35mm camera with a fisheye lens is used for shooting, and a 70mm projector with a fisheye lens is generally used for projection. There is a movie theater dedicated to showing this kind of movie. The shape of the screen is a large dome. The diameter of the dome is 25 meters and the height is about 18 meters.

Audiences enter the “ball” through a dedicated tunnel to watch the movie. Films about interstellar voyages and the Apollo spacecraft’s expeditions to the moon have been shown on this peculiar screen, and the effect is particularly good.

There are several dome theaters in my country, the most representative one is the Dome Theater of the China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing, which was completed in August 1995 with a screen diameter of 27 meters and 500 seats. The films that have been screened are American 70mm films “The Grand Canyon” and “Fly to Space”.


Playing mode

The fisheye lens required for this kind of film is a special lens with a particularly wide angle of view, and its structure and function are like the eyes of a fish. For our human eyes, when we do not turn our heads or turn our eyes, only use one eye, and the clear range of left and right seeing is about 50°.

The eyes of fish can see much wider than ours, reaching 180°. Therefore, people call a lens with a particularly wide angle of view as a fisheye lens.

The dome film has become an ideal tool for scientific research and popularization of science, especially in the fields of space, ocean, military, atmospheric physics and other scientific fields, it can exert its remarkable advantages.

In the dome cinema, the seats are generally designed in the form of reclining chairs, so that the audience does not have to look up to the dome and also will watch it very comfortably.

Dome film is a new form of film developed in the past 20 years. The high-definition super-large dome-shaped picture is beyond the audience’s field of vision, and the audience seems to be in the scene. With the addition of all-round six-channel stereo dubbing, it has a very real on-the-spot effect.

The diameter of the dome-shaped screen directly affects the capacity of the audience in the hall. The dome-screen movie hall built in the China Science and Technology Museum has a screen diameter of 27 meters, the entire screen area is nearly 1,000 square meters, the movie screen is up to 860 square meters, and a capacity of 500 audiences.

It is one of the largest similar cinema in the world. The dome film has become a wonderful work of contemporary film technology with its superhuman eye perspective and realistic stereo sound effects. Only a few countries in North America, Western Europe and Asia have built domes.

Because the main body of the Dome Cinema is a hemisphere, and the diameter of the sphere is so large (the diameter of the spherical shell of the Dome Cinema is 35 meters), the construction itself is much more complicated than ordinary buildings. Construction projects such as the installation of the ball net frame, the fixing of the screen, the exhaust ventilation in the hall, and the fire alarm are all difficult points in the construction process.

Especially in the acoustic treatment of buildings, it is even more critical. In order to avoid and reduce the sound concentration at the center of the sphere, the sound focusing center cannot be designed on the audience seat, but above the audience. From the perspective of the projection system, since the screen of an ordinary 35mm movie is only tens of square meters, the projector’s xenon lamp uses 2 to 3 kilowatts, or even 15 kilowatts.

With such a large light source, cooling and heat dissipation have become one of the biggest technical difficulties. Therefore, some projection equipment should not only use air cooling, but also water cooling at the lens. In addition, the fisheye lens of the projector is another key to its technology.

It not only has large luminous flux and high image definition, but also tries to eliminate chromatic aberration and minimize spherical aberration to reduce picture distortion. Since the area of ​​70mm film is several times larger than that of 35mm film, the film feeding speed is correspondingly accelerated during screening. Therefore, the 70mm film series includes 70mm 5-hole, 8-hole, 10-hole, 15-hole and other specifications.

Canada is the first to launch 70mm 15-hole film. The film adopts horizontal and horizontal transmission, with large format and good quality. The United States, Japan and other countries have introduced 70mm 8-hole and 10-hole film, which adopts vertical film transmission, which is technically simpler than 15-hole film, and has better performance and price.

The 70mm 10-hole film “Grand Canyon” being shown in the dome screen of the China Science and Technology Museum is a 70mm 15-hole negative film imported from the United States by Japan’s Gotoh Optical Research Institute, and it is a reduced copy.

From the analysis of the sound-returning system, compared with the traditional film coating magnetic or sound-light conversion method, the dome film adopts the multi-track recorder playback method, and plays the sound through multi-channel professional audio equipment to meet the ideal requirements.

In order to further improve the sound reproduction quality, some international dome cinemas have adopted the multi-channel laser sound reproduction method. The sound reproduction method of the Dome Cinema of the China Science and Technology Museum relies on an eight-track tape recorder to use the six-channel audio signal on the tape as the sound source. After multi-stage signal processing and amplification, the sound is played by six groups of speakers behind the screen.


Dome Cinema

Why the Dome Cinema is built in the Science and Technology Museum, but not as a general entertainment facility? It need to be start with a fisheye lens. Under the same projection distance, the shorter the focal length of the lens, the larger the projected picture. The fisheye projection lens with a focal length of 16 mm has a horizontal projection angle of 180 degrees and a vertical projection angle of 128 degrees.

The projected dome movie is the movie with the largest audience’s field of vision at present. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the performance of space and astronomy, astronomy, ocean and seabed and so on. The immersive feeling of the film seems to take the audience to the dark space or the vast ocean.

People seem to soar among the mountains and valleys, or bump into the rapids and rapids. It can be said that the dome film is the most expressive and appealing means of popular science education in contemporary times. Therefore, domestic and foreign dome films are mostly used in science and technology museums, museums, planetariums, aerospace museums, space museums and other popular science education places.

For example, the La Villette National Museum of Science, Technology and Industry in France, the Ottawa Museum of Humanity in Canada, and the Hong Kong Space Museum have built world-famous large-scale dome cinemas. According to incomplete statistics, 138 large-scale 70mm cinema halls (including domes and large screens) have been built in the world.

4D experience in the “hemisphere”

Sitting on a chair suspended in the air, in front of you is an upright spherical screen, as if you are in a “ball”. Up, down, left, and right, as far as the eye can see is the movie screen. When the picture on the screen showed a vast forest, there was a breeze blowing with the fragrance of forest trees, which was like a spring breeze.

The three-dimensional projection system, dynamic special effects chairs, special effects equipment, and computer control system work together to form a system that jointly stimulates the audience’s senses of vision, hearing, touch, and feeling. In order to realize the environment involved in the theme of the film, various details in the environment, and the experience of the audience in a specific environment, etc., to create an immersive overall effect.


Main Subject

Fulldome :Fulldome production technology is mainly used for relatively low-demand astronomical films. If we want to further target films with a wider range of subjects, including cultural relics, creatures, and characters, we must face indicators such as realism, resolution, film production cycle, and deformation processing to achieve transcendence of traditional fisheye shooting methods. The following is an analysis of the above indicators:

1. The realism of 3D digital production depends on the accuracy of 3D digitization, texture accuracy, color accuracy and lighting processing. No matter the digitized object has a prototype in realityor not, under the goal of film and television, it must meet the requirements of objectivity: if there is a prototype, the digitized results must be accurate and faithful to the prototype, such as cultural relics; if the prototype cannot be found, It should also be scientific, such as paleontology, which should be based on the research results of fossil and biological experts and archaeological experts.

2. The factors that determine the clarity of the film include: the output resolution of the film and the factors of equipment and venue.

Among them, the output resolution of the 3D digital production film depends on the geometric accuracy of the 3D object, the texture resolution of the 3D object, the distance between the 3D object and the lens and other factors; equipment and venue factors include screen size (in Fulldome movies, the diameter of the dome is usually used. ), the distance from the audience to the screen, the device resolution of a single projector and the number of projectors (channels), etc.

3. The film production cycle mainly includes two parts: the cycle of 3D digitization (also divided into geometric modeling, texture image processing, texture mapping, action modeling, scene space construction, camera lens shooting, lighting processing, etc.);The cycle of film drawing (subdivided into 3D drawing and post-production special effects)

4. Under the traditional fisheye shooting production method, the problem of deformation of the film screen does not exist, because fisheye lenses are used for shooting and projection; while digital production must face the process of mapping from a rectangular screen to a spherical screen, and it is necessary to solve thedeformation problems which caused by the process.

Development of dome screen flying cinema in China

During the period from 1983 to 1985, several sets of 180-degree 70 mm 5-perforation spherical screen film projection equipment were introduced all over China. The diameter of the theater is generally 13.4 meters, and it can accommodate about 200 audiences. There are more than 30 buildings in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places.

In 1986, through multi-party cooperation, China developed a 35mm 4-perforation small movable dome screen cinema equipment, the diameter of the dome screen is 10 meters, and it has developed to more than 30 kinds in China. Due to the source of the film and the trade of sound and picture, it failed to consolidate and develop.

In 1992, it successfully filmed a 70mm 8-perforation dome film “Women Criminal Police” by using the enlargement printing process, which was shown on the large dome screen built in the Beijing Amusement Park. The hemisphere screen is 15 meters in diameter and 240 square meters in area.

In 1994, Beijing Science and Technology Museum introduced the first 70mm 10-perforation super-large dome cinema in China, with a full set of projection equipment from Japan. The screen is 26 meters in diameter and has 500 audience seats. And the premiere of the American film “Grand Canyon”. At present, some science and technology museums and exhibition halls in China have also introduced several large-scale dome-screen cinemas.

In April 2010, the construction of the “Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Visitor Center” in Dunhuang began, which will provide an overall display of the Mogao Grottoes. The museum will have two dome theaters and two giant-screen theaters and was expected to open at the end of 2012.

In September 2011, the first domestic dome animation film “Symphony of the Sea”, located in Yantai Whale Shark Museum, was grandly released. This is the first dynamic cinema in mainland China known for its “360° round-screen sphere”, showing visitors a 360° panoramic and three-dimensional ocean real-life simulation image.

Through the hyper-realistic 3D simulation technology, the film combines dense lighting dot matrix and digital holographic sound system to present a super shocking visual and auditory feast for tourists. Since the cinema’s overall integrated services from film source production to dome construction, playback system installation and debugging are all built by a well-known domestic digital content service provider, the maximum resolution of the film has reached 25 million pixels, which marks the The development of dome film in China has reached the international leading level, creating a milestone in the development of dome film in China.

As of the beginning of 2014, Shenzhen Interactive Wave Digital Technology Co., Ltd. vigorously promoted the dome film, so that this high-tech technology can be easily accessible to the public, while enjoying the visual shock and entertaining. Shenzhen, Sanya, Hainan and other places have left their footprints in the dome film, and they have received extensive attention from local media; it is reported that Chengdu, Sichuan, Shanghai and other places will also carry out the project one after another.

With the development of hardware, 4K-level resolution film sources will gradually increase. The interactive wave dome theater is a dome-shaped structure, the screen is hemispherical, the audience is surrounded by it, and the high-definition picture extends 360° from the front to the back.

Best in the world

The world’s largest dome theater [3] -The dome theater of the China New Science and Technology Museum officially opened its doors to welcome guests. The audience can feel the ring-shaped audio-visual effect of the screen when they look up in the theater. Sitting on a chair tilted at 30 degrees, you can see a huge ring screen when you look up, and pull the scenery in the film to your eyes, as if you can reach out and touch it.

According to the relevant person in charge of the China New Science and Technology Museum, the dome theater of the Science and Technology Museum shows dome movies and demonstrates astronomical programs, which can accommodate 442 audiences. The cinema has introduced the world’s most advanced IMAX projection equipment.

The area of the movie screen on the screen is more than 1,000 square meters, which brings unprecedented visual impact to the audience. “This is currently the world’s largest dome theater. It is understood that the dome theater of the Science and Technology Museum has introduced films such as “There’s a Cave” and “Alps”, which are open to the public today. The dome theater is 30 yuan for adults and 20 yuan for students.


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