Dome Screen Cinema

Dome Screen Cinema isn’t just a movie experience; it’s your portal to unparalleled immersion, where every scene wraps around you in a 360-degree spectacle.

With Dome Screen Cinema, every story breathes life around you, inviting you into a world where you’re not just watching; you’re part of the narrative.

Dome Screen Cinema transforms cinema into an immersive journey, making every frame a step into another reality.

The unique dome-shaped screen of Dome Screen Cinema engulfs you, ensuring that every whisper of sound and flicker of light is an invitation to explore deeper.

Dome Screen Cinema redefines movie-going, turning every showing into a panoramic adventure that transcends the traditional.

At Dome Screen Cinema, every visit is more than a movie; it’s a voyage into the heart of storytelling.

Experience the future of film with Dome Screen Cinema, where every screening is a doorway to worlds unseen and stories untold.

Dome Screen Cinema: Where every viewing is an exploration, every film an expedition, and every audience member a discoverer.

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Dome Screen Cinema revolutionizes immersive entertainment by enveloping audiences in 360-degree visuals, transforming traditional viewing into an unparalleled experience. With its curved screen, Dome Screen Cinema offers a unique, immersive journey, making every film a deeply engaging spectacle.

This innovative cinema format, leveraging advanced projection technology, redefines storytelling, inviting viewers into the heart of the narrative. Dome Screen Cinema’s immersive potential is unmatched, promising a future where every screening is an extraordinary adventure.

As the pinnacle of immersive entertainment, Dome Screen Cinema stands out, ensuring that each viewing is not just watched but felt, making it a leader in the evolution of cinematic experiences.


Game type


Overall specifications

IPAD broadcast control
Number of contents


Number of passengers

 8 people

Platform specifications

Coverage area


Product form

naked eye version
Electricity requirements



Application range:

Amusement park、Family entertainment center、game centerVR theme park

Program Scene


Most Popular Immersive Projection Dome Screen Cinema For Sale Made In China


Dome Screen Cinema: Immersive Entertainment Redefined through Revolutionary Appeal


The Dome Screen Cinema experience is an unparalleled leap in cinematic technology, offering a fully immersive viewing experience that wraps audiences in a 360-degree visual feast.


The unique appeal of Dome Screen Cinema lies in its ability to transport viewers to the heart of the action, making it a groundbreaking choice for filmmakers and audiences alike seeking an extraordinary movie-going experience.


Dome Screen Cinema elevates the traditional movie experience by projecting films on a curved screen that encompasses the viewer’s field of vision, creating an unparalleled sense of immersion.


This immersive quality of Dome Screen Cinema is unmatched by standard flat screens, offering a captivating experience that feels closer to reality.

Most Popular Immersive Projection Dome Screen Cinema For Sale Made In China

Moreover, the Dome Screen Cinema’s innovative design enhances visual clarity and depth, allowing audiences to discover intricate details and textures that are often lost in traditional cinemas.


This attention to detail ensures that every scene in Dome Screen Cinema is vivid and lifelike, providing an unforgettable viewing experience.


The audio system in Dome Screen Cinema is equally impressive, engineered to synchronize flawlessly with the visuals to produce crystal-clear sound from all directions.


This auditory experience complements the visual immersion of Dome Screen Cinema, enveloping the audience in a cocoon of sound that matches the on-screen action.

Most Popular Immersive Projection Dome Screen Cinema For Sale Made In China

Dome Screen Cinema is not just a technological marvel; it’s a new medium that expands the possibilities of storytelling.


Filmmakers can harness the unique capabilities of Dome Screen Cinema to craft stories that engage the audience in ways previously unimaginable, offering a fresh and dynamic canvas for creative expression.


The social aspect of Dome Screen Cinema also sets it apart, transforming movie-watching from a passive activity into a shared, communal experience.


The enveloping nature of the Dome Screen Cinema fosters a sense of unity among the audience, making it an ideal venue for educational programs, special events, and interactive entertainment.


Most Popular Immersive Projection Dome Screen Cinema For Sale Made In China

Dome Screen Cinema’s versatility extends beyond entertainment, offering potential applications in education, training, and simulation. The immersive environment of Dome Screen Cinema can make learning more engaging and effective, providing a novel approach to educational content delivery.


In conclusion, Dome Screen Cinema represents the future of immersive entertainment, offering an unmatched cinematic experience that is as educational as it is entertaining.


With its ability to immerse viewers in a 360-degree visual and auditory experience, Dome Screen Cinema stands out as a revolutionary platform for filmmakers, educators, and audiences seeking to push the boundaries of traditional cinema.



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